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 The Jester

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Faelyn Zaos
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PostSubject: The Jester   Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:22 pm

A Sad Story.

Once upon a time, there was a little jester. He lived alone in the forest. He had no friends.

One day, he decided to leave his shack, which was an abandoned house he found after he was left in the forest by his parents, whom he never knew...

He wanted to make friends, he knew that people were nearby. He kept hearing voices a bit far away, something like two people or more talking. He was scared, but he kept going.

He found them. They looked at him and he hid. He was to scared to show up. When they left, he went after them.

Not a long way after, he reached the village, there was a huge party going on! People dancing, singing, a big bonfire lighting the skies and everything around it.

The villager's shadows were huge, the little jester could say it was scary, but he wanted to join the party.

He had colourfull clothes, ragged and dirty, but still fancy.

He approached the bonfire and kept looking at it like he never seen something like it. Someone unconsciously pushed him to the fire and he quickly stepped back and yelled: WHAT THE F*** YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU PIECE OF S***???!! Everyone stopped and remained in silence. The jester was so small. It seemed so ridiculous that everyone started laughting.
The jester was happy, he made everyone smile, here, he found his friends.

All night he kept saying things like that, swearing at the biggest man and threating them for fights. People started to get bored, because he wouldn't stop, he kept telling bad jokes and bothering people more and more...

It was time for everyone to go to their homes, however, the little jester tried to rush in people's houses to make them laugh again. Of course that it was disturbing everyone, but the little guy didn't know. He lived his entire life in the forest and learning to speak  from nomads that passed by.

He got tired, he slept.

The next morning he continued. People started to get really upset, they weren't smiling anymore, that made the jester sad. He tried harder, he kept doing the same over and over again, everyone was mad, they wanted to get that little annoying thing out of the way, they kicked him, they pushed him back, they banned him from the village.

The little jester was special. He never knew why he could feel so warm every cold night, that bonfire made him remember some of his forgotten past. The villagers did not know, he was more than a little boy.
He was so depressed. He became mad, he ran back to the village to get his revenge, he wanted to burn everything, he wanted to kill everyone, make them suffer from his pain. He threw his fire to every house and building he could find, he wanted to get rid of every people in that village.

All the guards ran to him and threatened him. He was alone. No one was on his side, he couldn't move anymore. He was cooler than ever was, he couldn't set a tiny fire. He felt like drowning in ice water, choking...

He rose and ran away, he grabbed everything he could find in his way and went back to the forest.

He was sad. He just wanted to make friends. He never knew why people got upset with him. He knew nothing.

He looked at what he took from the village: A rope, a bucket, and a piece of cloth.

He climbed to the tallest tree he could find. He tied the rope in the nearest branch e could find. He wrapped the other edge around his neck, cleaned the tears off his face, put the bucked on his head and jumped.

One day he was a cheerfull little jester. Today he's just a forgotten body in the forest.

Don't drink bananas. They can crash your gop games.

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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:35 pm

Is there going to be a sequel?


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Faelyn Zaos
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Runescape Name : Faelyn Zaos
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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:18 pm

The Return of the Jester.

He saw a light. He was not sure if it was either the sun or he was dreaming. But he still remembers what happened last morning. He was confused.

A white form approached him. The little jester was scared, he felt cold again.
The white "creature" said "Do not be afraid, I am not here to harm you, but to teach you".

The little one looked closer to the white one. It seemed familliar. He just knew who he was.

The white creature had a pretty similar structure to jester, but was taller and alot older...

"First of all, I am sorry Jaladi, I shouldn't run away from my problems" - Said the old man.

"What you mean? Who are you? Why are you calling me jal... jal what?..." - questioned jester.

"It appears that you've learned how to speak, and not only. You have unleashed your powers..." - the old man started to tremble.

"Who... Who are you?" - asked jester.

"Jal, I am your father."


"I left you in that forest so you could be safer from our tribe. You were hated by our civilization"

"But why? What have I done to deserve it?"

"You were... Born like that... It's hard to explain."

"F-Father... What is this p-power I have?..."

"Son, you are a Jester, a fire bender one..." - the old man started to tremble more, like if he was scared of something upcomming.

"Why are you shaking?"

"The legend says that the first fire bender that comes to life in our tribe would be our end. Our misery. Our death."

"Wh-What?! Why? I've done nothing!" - the little jester became angry again, he started to create flames around him.

"Please don't hurt me! I'm sorry, I didn't meant to hurt you!"

"Then get me out of here!" - yelled Jaladi.

His father took a deep breath and opened a tiny portal with his own hands.

"This is the Gate of Destiny. You can start over the day you lost. A new opportunity to find what you were meant to, a chance to overcome that legend!"

Jaladi stepped through the portal without saying a word. He just knew what he had to do.

It was still early. About the same time it was when he left his old shack. His food leftovers were still there.

He heard once again those voices, it appears that his so-called father was telling the thruth, he has a new chance.

He followed once again the villagers to approach the village.

The villagers were starting to get distorted. And then everything around. Jaladi fell through an invinite darkness. When he finally reached the ground he didn't got hurt by the impact. He could see a big light a bit far away from there.

He ran, as fast as he could, like there was no time, he needed to reach that light.

He was once again in the village, but this time there were not people, there were shadows. Dark forms with white eyes dancing around in a spooky way. Jester was not amused, he walked away.

One of the shadows caught him and said "NEVER COME BACK AGAIN!". Jaladi recognized the voice and those words. The guard that banned him said that at that time. But this time it was different, there was no party, there was no morning, it all happened in once.

Jaladi closed his eyes, cleared his mind and let everything flow out.

When he finally opened his eyes he was in a bed inside a beautiful house.

A lady looked at him and said: " Oh, the boy is awaken! How are 'ye little' one?"

Jaladi recognized that lady, it was one of the villagers that was dancing in that night!

She went to the kitchen to get something.

Jaladi tried to get up but he couldn't, he was to hurt.

She came back and gave him a warm soup. It smelled horrible, but he was starving.

After he devoured that soup he asked the lady what happened.

She smiled and said: "Oh, you were fainted in the middle of the road and Jeremy found you! How lucky of you, what happened to you I should ask!"

Jaladi was confused. He kept thinking about that destiny his father was talking about.


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Faelyn Zaos
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Runescape Name : Faelyn Zaos
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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:48 pm

Anna was staring at him. He was focused on figuring out who he was and what was he meant to do.

It was late in night. Anna fell asleep in a nearby chair. Kevin Durant was still awake, he looked at Anna. She was so beautifull. Brown eyes, full rack and freckles. All of sudden Kevin was in love for the first time.

The morning was set. The rooster sang a horrible voice and Kevin Durant quickly woke up from his bed. He wasn't hurt anymore, all of sudden his energy came back.

Anna walked in the room and said: "Come over, nigga! The breakfast is ready, homie!"
The little Durant followed her to the kitchen. It was pretty small but confortable.
Kevin sat on the nearest bench and Anna placed a plate of roasted potatoes. "I am sorry, we don't have much food, since Grand Wizard last came to our village" - said Anna.
"Who's GW?" - asked the jester.

"The dictator of this Runecrafting village. He keeps charging us for almost anything, and we're running out of supplies4 every month..."

The little jester knew what to do. He didn't want to follow the destiny his father told him about. He wanted to change that, to be a hero! He wanted to put an end on that dictatorship era!


And he also wanted to marry Kevin Durant.

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Faelyn Zaos
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Runescape Name : Faelyn Zaos
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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Fri Jan 16, 2015 1:01 am

The Rise of a Hero

The village where Jaladi was in is one of the 3 villages of the disctrict rulled by Khan. The citizens were happy in Orbyane, even they were poor. They didn't looked like they wanted to be saved.
The houses were made of wood and straw, and their food was no more than bread, potatoes and some fruit from the forest.

Nevertheless, Jal wanted to become a hero. He wanted to change all that and give this people all the rights they deserve.

He left Anna's house to go for a walk around the village. He wanted research more about this Khan, who he is and where he is.

While he was walking, he found a sign on a pillar. It was an ad saying that new recruits are needed in the quarter.

Jal was excited, it was the first step to become a hero.

He went right to the quarter asking to become a recruit. The guards laughted for quite a long time, making the little jester mad. But he controlled himself and created a small flame with his left hand. The guards were surprised and bow'd to him like if he was the king.

"What are you doing? Get up! I want to start the training!" - Screamed Jal.

"M-My lord, I apologize... I did not know you were one of Khan's family..."

"One of Khan's family? What are you talking about?"

"Y-You can also bend fire just like Kh-Khan does..."

"Well, I am here to stop him! I want to free this land from his claws!"

"(I am afraid he has no claws)" - whispered the soldier - "However, we can help you. I could tell I am also tired of this madness!"

"Sir, are you mad? Khan is way to powerfull for us to confront him!" - said the nearby guard

"This jester is on our side, and he has the power that Khan has, we could still have a chance!"

"Th-That is right Sir, I'll take him to the training room..."

"Do it. Please follow him Master... May I know your name?"

"Ja.. Jaladi Sir..."

"Master Jaladi, please follow esquire Edward to the training room, we got prepared guear for your preparation."

"Thank you sir" - Jal followed Edward to the training room. When he approached the gates, there was a man training. He was really skillful, he was fighting 10 soldiers at once and without catching a scratch from any of them. He jumped on their heads like if they were posts and kicked them on the ground!

"That is our best soldier Master Jal, I think you both will like to know eachother." - Said Edward

The skillfull man jumped right into where jester and Edward were and said "Welcome to the Guild young one, I am Naoki, pleased to meet you"

"This young jester is Master Jaladi, he appears to have the same powers as Khan..." - Said Edward

"Is it true what he speaks? Show me Master Jal, show me your powers..."

Jal opened his hands and created flames from his hands.

"Impressive! I'll help you in your training. Maybe we can finally put an end on this catastrophe and free all of the citizens of Orbyane!" - Yelled Naoki enthusiasticly.


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Faelyn Zaos
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Runescape Name : Faelyn Zaos
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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Fri Jan 16, 2015 4:21 pm

They started to train in the guild. Naoki taught him melee moves, since all Jal knew was spitting fire from his hands, and he couldn't control it very well.

"You have to control yourself, your power and your moves, then you will be able to access your inner strenght. That way you will learn ballance, power and focus." - said Naoki. - "To start, let's test your ballance. Climb up that ladder and grab it on top, then I will move it around. Don't let it go".

Jal did as he said, and grabbed firmly the ladder. Naoki took the ladder and started running around with it. Jal found hard to keep his hands on the ladder. "Now climb more and stand on the top of it!" - screamed Naoki.

"W-What?! Are you insane? I am not gonna make it!" - Jal appeared to be a little scared with that order. However he did as he said. He was not gonna let his fear to overwrite his desire.

As soon as he stood on the top of the ladder, he fell. Naoki laughed and asked him to do it again. Jal kept falling over and over again. They did this for weeks.

One day, the little jester was upset. He was wasting to much time, he wanted to control all those 3 skills and he couldn't master the first one. He rose the ladder, stood on the top of it and there he was. He did not fall this time, he could even jump, stand on his hands and even dance on it. His determination impressed Naoki. "Well done Jaladi! You are doing great!"

Jal was happy. It appears that his determination that day could overcome all his objectives.

"The next exercise is controlling your power" - said Naoki.

"O-Okay.." - but afterall, he seemed a little scared with this one. He remembered the last time he used his powers to burn that village, and he promised himself that it would never happen again.

"I am going to throw these rocks and you have to targed and hit all of them"

As Naoki threw the stones, and Jal simply launched big flames to every rock Naoki threw. "No, no, no!" - screamed Naoki - "You have to use small fires, the same size as the rocks. It's easy for an enemy dodge a big flame, because it's slow and visible, but not a small one, which is fast and almost invisible.
To target your enemies weak points, you have to use quick strikes so your opponent has no time to dodge them."

"Got it." - Jal was relieved, with this option of combat, he can't be dangerous other than for his real enemy. And he knew what he had to do.

He could hit most of the stones with the small flames, however, when Naoki started to throw more than one stone, Jal found really hard to hit them.

The jester insisted to train all day and all night along, till he could hit every stone Naoki threw.

This time, took 2 months for Jal to master his power. It was time to train his focus.

"20 guards are going to distract you while you're on the top of stilts and you have to hit all the targets around the room." - said Naoki

So the focus is the mix of all my trainings? - Thought Jaladi.

He stood on the top of the stilts. It wasn't hard, he trained really hard on the top of that ladder.
The guards kept grabbing the bottom of the stilts, and he started to lose control of it, however, he could somehow manage to walk still.

The worst part was hitting the targets, he couldn't focus enough on both tasks at same time!

"That's it! Focus!" - Jal knew that he was missing something. He has to combine what he learned in the last trainings.

Ballance, be quick, find your opponents weak point...

"That's it! Opponent's weak point!" - apparently, the guards had big armours, so if Jal was faster than them with the stilts, it would be one less thing to worry about, then he could easly hit the targets.

"Well done!" - said Naoki - "If you focus enough, you can find the way to defeat your opponents and reach your objectives. You are ready to confront me."

"Confront you?" - this time Jal knew that he was not gonna make it. He saw Naoki fight before, he's way faster and better than him, he just couldn't make it...

"Yes, but rest now. Review what you have learned, and find a way how to defeat me, then return."

"Allright boss!"

And he left.

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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Fri Jan 16, 2015 9:26 pm

@Faelyn Zaos wrote:
"Who's Khan?" - asked the jester.

Story is not bad. Thumbs Up Looking forward to when it finishes.

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Faelyn Zaos
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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:37 pm

I wanted to say something here: This story is being rushed because I want to record all that I have in mind, I'm sure it will be amazing and you will atleast LOVE it as much as I do myself.

The story will be "fixed" after it's finnished, meaning that all the grammar errors (which are fairly alot), are going to be fixed, and the text will have a better structure.

I'm thinking about ending this story really fast so you can have a taste of what's going to happen next.

Thanks for the feedback though, Faelyn here, Faelyn out.

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Faelyn Zaos
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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:23 am

Reading Minds - A Battle with Naoki

Jal didn't go to rest. He spent all days training and figuring out strategies and moves that could overcome Naoki's skills.

Anna was cooking the soup, waiting for Jaladi to arrive. It was already late and she was starting to get worried.

She went to check out what he was still doing at the quartel. When she arrived, there he was, still training. Exhausted of course.

"Come on Jal, enough! Come home right now! Don't make me go there!" - screamed Anna. Jal jumped and fell on the ground and said - "Y-Yes ma'am!"

They got home and Jal was starving. "I got the soup ready, you can eat it, be quick or it gets cold."

There was no problem there. He swalloed the soup just before she ended that sentence.

The next day, Jal woke up early and got ready to go training again. Anna grabbed his arm and said "YOU AIN'T GONNA GO BACK THERE AGAIN, AS NAOKI SAID, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE RESTING HERE. NOW GO REST!"

"B-But how am I supposed to figure out a way to defeat Naoki?"

"Not by training everyday I suppose" - said Anna

"Okay then..." - Jal sat o the couch and looked at the window.

"By resting is not doing nothing! Go help me do the chores:
Wash the clothes, feed the pigs, clean the house and rake the leafs out on the garden." - said Anna coldly

"C-Can I..."

"NO! Go now!" - screamed Anna.

Jester did the house chores for all day long, he got even more tired than he was from his training yesterday. He fell on the bed and fell asleep instantly.

The next day at 6am, Anna threw water on Jal to wake him up and gave him a new list of chores - "From now on, you get to do the chores instead of wasting time on the quartel."

"Again? I have stuff to do! It's my duty to-"

"SHHH, shut up and go do your chores. Don't be so slow like yesterday" - said Anna interrupting Jal.

This has been happening every day, over and over again with more and more shores. "What is her idea with this?" - thought Jal.

One day, she didn't ask him to do his chores, this time Jal asked. - "So what are my chores today?"

"Today you can't, it's the day you're confronting Naoki, did you forgot?" - said Anna.

"I almost forgot! What about my training! You gave me chores everyday and I did not have time to train at all! How am I supposed to defeat him??" - Jal was upset. He knew that he was gonna lose in less than a few seconds...

"Oopsie Doopsie, sorry. I'm sure you're gonna figure out." - said Anna casually.

Jal went to the quartel. He was pretty nervous. Naoki was waiting for him in the center of the arena, Jal knew he was going to be humiliated so hard...

"So, are you ready?" - said Naoki.

"N-Not really... C-Can you g-give me a few more d-days?" - said Jal nervously.

"If you're not ready, to bad. You will have to try anyways."

Naoki went right to him so fast that Jal couldn't even think about moving. He fell on the ground and grabbed Naoki's feet and pushed him. Jal jumped high and started to shoot fireballs from his hands, then got on top of a pillar. - "I need more time!" - said Jal.

"You're doing allright, keep going." - said Naoki ignoring what Jaladi said.

Jaladi jumped to Naoki and he avoided the attack. He quickly countered it and throw Jal on the ground again. Jal got up and started running to find his stilts.

"This is not about doing what you did on your trainings, it is about what you've learned!" - screamed Naoki.

Naoki started to run after the jester and easly grabbed him in a matter of seconds. Jester knocked him back and shot his leg with fire. Naoki fell and Jal pointed his fingers on his head.

"Congratulations, you made it. You were ready afterall."

"Thanks. (I really did it! I defeated Naoki!)" - Jal was really happy.

"Not so fast little jester, you will have to work a little more on your skills." - said Naoki.

"Did you just read my mind?" - asked jester.

"Yes. That will be the next part of your training."


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Faelyn Zaos
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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:05 pm

This time, Jal wasn't worried about the training, but about Naoki's skill to read minds. In every training he thought about what he did to the village before, and that he wanted to change. "What if Naoki thinks I can be a threat?" - thought Jaladi.

The training was in the next day.
When Jaladi arrived in the quartel, Naoki dragged him to a smaller room. "It's better for you to focus here, there's to much noise outside" - said Naoki. The room was almost empty, there was a red carpet and a broken mirror on the wall. Naoki lighted a few candles and sat down with Jaladi.

"We have no time for this... I'm already ready, I know I can do it without this!" - said Jal.

"(sigh) Allright, but I warn you, he's more powerfull than you imagine." - said Naoki.

Suddenly, Anna broke in and called them out. The village was under attack!

Naoki and Jal rose and ran out of the room. Some of the houses were on fire. Khan was there.

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Faelyn Zaos
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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:06 pm

An Unexpected Confront - Jal vs. Khan

"Stand back." - said Naoki. - "You're not yet ready for this."

"Yes I am! It's time to free the village from that man." - Jal was determined, but yet scared. He knew Khan was to powerfull for him, but he had to try.

Jaladi jumped to the top of a shed and shot fireballs directly to Khan.

"Is that all you got? (laughs) - Khan was amused. - "The village must pay for the trouble that caused to my tribe!"

"Whatever you're saying, they're innocent! You're the one that's gonna pay!" - Jal  jumped on Khan's head, grabbed his face with the hands and tried to burn it.

Khan punched him and the fire burned his robes he was wearing. Jal looked at him surprised. Khan was the man he saw in his strange dream.

"You're..." - Jal was speechless.

"You will understand one day. Come to my castle and we can talk." - Khan teleported out after saying that.

"Are you allright?" - asked Naoki.

"Yes." - Jal stood up and walked back home.


He couldn't sleep. He kept thinking about Khan and what he said. "The village must pay for the trouble that caused to my tribe!". Maybe humans were the ones to murder our tribe? And why this village? He didn't know. All he had to do was going to the castle, and settle things up.

Later in the morning, Jal woke up and asked Anna for some food supplies. "I got them here, I knew you wanted to go." - said Anna.

"Oh... Thanks, well, I'm going--"

"Not so fast! You're still young, I'm going with you to make sure nothing bad happens." - said Anna interrupting Jal.

"It's to dangerous!" - said Jal.

"Shh, I'm going and that's it." - said Anna determined.

Jal was happy for that. He agreed to go with her and they both left home. Right in the exit of the village, Naoki was standing there. - "You have not yet completed your training." - said Naoki.

"But I know I'm ready!" - screamed Jal.

"Calm down. I'm going with you to make sure you're right." - said Naoki.

Jal agreed. The 3 of them left the village and started the journey to the Khan's Castle.

"It will be a long way..." - said Naoki.

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Faelyn Zaos
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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:07 pm

A Long Journey

"We have to climb up those mountains, cross the river and pass through the castle walls." - said Naoki looking at his map.

"Are we close yet?" - asked Jal.

"We just left the town, we have walked around 5 minutes..." - said Naoki.

"I'm tired..." - said Jal.

"We must continue or we're never gonna make it in time."

"In time? What you mean?" - said Anna.

"Khan will come back within a week, and that's when he's really going to destroy our homes." - said Naoki.

"Oh, right, we couldn't pay the taxes... Again... We shouldn't have left the village..." - said Anna.

"I have to defeat Khan before he leaves the Castle, but first, I need some answers." - said Jal.

"Right. Let's go." - said Naoki and Anna simultaneously.

Anna stared at Naoki and blushed.


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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:02 am

This isbwird as sht

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PostSubject: Re: The Jester   

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The Jester

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