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 GOP Resources

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PostSubject: GOP Resources   Sun May 27, 2012 4:15 am

Hi all,

With GOP such an integral part of our community, we thought we would share some resources that may help you learn more about the game that is the Great Orb Project; whether you wish to learn more about how to play it better, about some of the records held in it, or maybe even the nostalgic history of the game; you can find help with these on this list.

Youtube Channels: - Everheather offers a good guide for beginners, as well as some simple-to-follow visual angle guides of altars. These were designed to build on those originally developed by The Puu4, and more are in construction. - Chris builds on some of the basic angles taught in other videos, and applies some of the underlying GOP physics principles to derive and demonstrate angles and angle combinations that are unique to specific altars. - Love Affair likes to mix things up when publishing. On her channel you may find a combination of actual gameplay, as well as puzzles that may get you thinking. - Puu4 is one of the creators of some of the oldest comprehensive angle guides out there. These are still the benchmark to consider when developing new angle guides.

Other Links: - The Gop Academy is targeted at those who really wish to take the game that is GOP to the next level. Here you can find a history of GOP, as well as advanced level material for those who are brave enough to conquer the theory underlying the game. A special point of interest: is a fully interactive map of angles. - An all-encompassing public database, containing the global records for GOP gameplay.

If there are other resources of any type that you wish to see included here, please submit them here. They will be reviewed, and if accepted they will be added to this assortment.




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GOP Resources

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