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 Leeching/AFKing in 5050 Games

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PostSubject: Leeching/AFKing in 5050 Games   Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:15 am

Our stance on Leechers and AFK'ers in 50-50 games

You can AFK on your scoring turn by making barriers, but please make sure to touch at least one orb to ensure you receive tokens for that altar. Holding orbs on your scoring turn is unacceptable.

If crashers are present in their games, chat members should NOT AFK in any manner, but instead follow closely to rank guidance to try make sure their game stays 50/50.

Failing to follow the above guidelines may get you kicked.

Please also be aware, that if you choose to AFK completely by making barriers, and to not touch any orbs on a given altar, you will not be awarded tokens for that altar, and hence receive much less than the standard 405 tokens that you can get from F2P games.

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Leeching/AFKing in 5050 Games

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