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 Gop Addict Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Gop Addict Code of Conduct    Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:13 am

How do we play 50-50 in GOP Addict?

Y Y G G Y G : The 50/50 game format used by GOP Addict. For example, a Y Y G G Y G game means Yellow Team wins the 1st and 2nd altars, Green Team wins the 3rd and 4th, Yellow Team wins the 5th, and Green Team the 6th.
How a 2-2-1-1 game looks:

Crashing in games

  • We define crashing as the disruption of 50/50 games, as long as there is at least one player asking for the game to be even and non-competitive. Crashing is not limited to scoring. Prohibiting your team from scoring by sabotage, preventing the other team from scoring by defending, or purposely disrupting a game will get you labeled as a crasher. We ask that you show the same respect we show you to the others in the chat as they are here for the same reason as you, whether that reason being the need for tabs, robes, tokens, etc.

  • Please don't make jokes about crashing. This may land you in trouble with higher ranks, and can even result in a kick.

  • If you are in a game with crashers, we advise that you report their FULL RS NAME to a rank in the chat. If you report, and get it confirmed by another player, ranks will come to help out and the crasher will be kicked out of the chat. Even when not in the chat, report the crasher to us so we can take appropriate action.

  • What to do with crashers (as well as white dots)?
  • Repel them if you are on their team, especially if asked to by a rank. Not responding to requests may get yourself kicked, as it can be seen as indirectly 'helping' crashers.

  • Refrain from flaming them. It will provoke them to crash more. If they are flaming you, who cares? It only shows their immaturity.

GOP Addict Code of Conduct

  • Please refrain from using offensive language to hurt people, within the chat, or at GOP. Such language is not condoned and not permitted in the chats. Please listen to ranks when they ask you to stop such conduct, as it may result in a kick if not followed.

  • Social talk is encouraged, but please keep spam to a minimum if ranks are giving announcements or giving information on crashers.

  • If you get kicked from the chat, we recommend that you check the last few lines either in the chat, or public chat; often the reasons for kicking are displayed there. If you think it wasn't justified, your first port of call should be another rank of the chat, preferably the highest one you can find. When you talk with them, or the rank kicking you directly, please do try to communicate as calmly as you can. Nothing is worse than a flaming, rude player insulting a rank, and may worsen your chances of resolving the conflict. If you still think you are not being listened to, you should consider posting your issue on the forums.

  • If ranks have an argument amongst themselves, they should try to take it out of the chat and into private message. If that is not feasible, we would recommend posting into a topic in the forums.

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Gop Addict Code of Conduct

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