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 A Goptionary (Gopper's Dictionary)... :P

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PostSubject: A Goptionary (Gopper's Dictionary)... :P   Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:09 am

[size=46]When it comes to playing the Great Orb project, 50-50 or otherwise, you may see players use a wide variety of terms relevant to the GOP experience. Here at GOP Addict, we have made our best effort to collate and compile these terms into the comprehensive glossary of terms. We have split it up for you into two sections:

The "Rookies" section of the Glossary contains all the more basic terms used by players. These will be helpful to you when you have a basic understanding of how GOP works, but are not familiar with the GOP-specific terminology.

The "Veterans" section of the Glossary contains the more advanced terms and techniques used by players who have an interest in becoming highly skilled GOP players, and are willing to commit the time to learn and practice. This section is designed for those who have understood the fundamentals, and are ready to move up from "rookie" level.[/size]


[size=46]Crasher/Crashing - a person/group of people who aim to disrupt 50/50 games by any means necessary, usually by winning all 6 altars via outscoring the other team.

Anti-ing - Stopping a "crasher" from disrupting games by disrupting their orb scoring.

Co-ording - working together with a skilled teammate to try maximise orbs scored on an altar.

Safes - special friends chat channels used by GOP Addict when the crashers are a severe nuisance to the 50/50 games, and the ranks have trouble controlling them.

Sabbing - repelling your team's orbs away from the altar, on your scoring turn. Used by crashers when they cannot outscore the opponents.

2-2-1-1 - The 50/50 game format used by GOP Addict, for keeping the balance of big and small altars for each team. It means wins go this way: yellow, yellow, green, green, yellow, green (yellow starts); or green, green, yellow, yellow, green, yellow (green starts). [/size]

[size=46]6-0 and 8-0 - These are games where team X will attempt to win all altars against their opponents. This type of game will only be called by ranks if a team is full of bots, crashers, or a mix of crashers and ranks; and no innocent players are on Team Y.

Leecher - A player that does nothing to help his team on the altars they are supposed to be scoring , and often AFK on orbs, making them harder to score. May be kickable depending on whether the other teammates object to said act.

Break - the act of leaving a team in the GOP Lobby. Achieved by right-clicking a wand in your backpack and selecting the Destroy option, and then confirming it, this action is also used to "glitch" (see below)

CS - Stands for Colour Swap. Is used mainly in competitive 1v1 or 2v2 games. The players play an extra game, but with reversed team colour; to ensure fairness of the overall game.

Piling - where 1 or more people attract an orb while it is already under control of another person. As an orb responds to only one person at a time, piling is generally an ineffective way to raise your score, unless that orb is stationary, where piling it may allow you to steal control of it. Also used in "overing" (see below).

Deffing/Defending - Using an attract/repel wand to move the opposing team's orbs away from the altar, and placing barriers to stop enemy orbs reaching the altar. Is useful in games with crashers, where the crasher's team has no sabber.

Solo - the act of playing as the only member of your colour team; and is a good way to measure a player's GOP skill level by orbs scored on certain altars. Mostly used in 1v1 games, but is also sometimes practiced in 50/50 games by players.[/size]


[size=46]Lobby glitching - the process of joining a GOP game, but leaving it in the last second to ensure the game starts, but at the same time ensuring no penalty for leaving is incurred. Useful for escaping crashed/ 6-0 games in lobby, or starting a game containing 3 or fewer people. A detailed guide can be found at:

In-game glitching - this involves a player leaving a game when there are only two of a team colour in-game, including the quitter. By breaking your wand when the portal to the next altar opens; as long as no players have gone through the portal before the person leaves, they can continue playing as normal. Those going through too early are sent to the Guild.

Overing - when two or more people click on an orb at the same time, the game will choose a player that gets control of the orb using a secret mechanism. That player is said to "over" the other.

Sitting - Used almost exclusively in 1v1 games, where instead of being a glitcher, a person goes into a game, but does not contribute to the scoring, and makes barriers well out of the way to keep up activity. If the "sitter" wants tokens, they can tap an orb already in control of their teammate.

Deadspotting/Killing orbs - the process of repelling orbs into certain places on some altars, from where they cannot be moved by any player, and are thus considered "dead".

Tap - the act of clicking on an orb, then quickly clicking somewhere else, in order to make an orb move only 2 spaces in the intended direction. This takes up one game tick. Used in quite a few angle and OAO techniques.

Tick - the basic unit of time in Runescape, which is set to 0.6 seconds. In GOP, every game tick an orb is held, the orb is moved 2 spaces. Knowing these is crucial to some of the more tricky angles used in GOP.

Angle - a set of actions and/or movements used to minimise the time taken for any given orb spawn to reach an altar.

Pillar - technically the stone arches that separate the inner altar from the outer. In GOP, this refers to orbs that spawn in the area of the pillars. For example, the orb spawn 2 squares west and 1 square north/south of the middle of the western arch, is known as West Pillar 2.[/size]

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A Goptionary (Gopper's Dictionary)... :P

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