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 How To: "Glitching"

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PostSubject: How To: "Glitching"   Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:35 am

Glitching is starting the portal for a game but leaving at a precise moment for the portal to open, for you not to enter the game and not get a penalty.

This is particularly useful as you can use it to stop you from getting crashed :D

Step 1. Right click on a wand in your inventory and click 'destroy', but don't click 'yes' yet.

You need to click 'yes' at the right moment, If you do it too early the timer might reset as there are not enough players, If you do it too late you will get a 10 minute penalty.

Step 2. click 'yes' when the timer is just getting from the last tick to 0/8

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How To: "Glitching"

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