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 Forum Rank Colour Code

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PostSubject: Forum Rank Colour Code   Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:15 am

Comprehensive Guide to understanding our Forum Ranking and Colour System.


Red Colour - The Santa Hat Badge is designated for our Administrators.
Admins are the people who are tasked with the ultimate responsibility of running Gop Addict in-game.

If you wish to contact them for any reason, you can send them a PM.


White Colour - The White Partyhat Badge is designated for our Forum Administrators.
Forum Administrators are the people who look after the forum and make the critical changes to make this clan run smoothly on a website-based system.


Blue colour - Blue Colour is designated for our Advisors.
The role of the Advisor guessed to provide advice to the Administrators on how to improve day-to-day running of Gop Addict. This role is only for the most experienced ex-ranks and experienced current ranks.


Dark Purple Colour - Dark Purple Colour is designated for our Officers.
Officers are the ranks from Lieutenant to General; These members must be treated with the respect they deserve as they have the uncanny ability to "unvoluntarily remove" you from the clan chat for an hour.


Yellow Colour - Yellow Colour is designated for our Ex-Ranks.
Ex-Ranks are our honourably resigned Ranks and Leaders of our Clan.


Orange Colour - Orange Colour is designated for our Initiates.
Initiates are the Members who are ranked from Recruit - Sergeant; Initiates are ranks who have just started out in Gop Addict clan - Even though they have no kick ability they should be treated with respect.


Banned Badge - The Banned Badge is exactly what it says in the title.
Banned users have been either temporarily or permanently banned from the forum for a variety of reasons.

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Forum Rank Colour Code

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