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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:14 am

]Forum Regulations

All of these, with the exception of #11, #14, and #15, have been taken from

Users may not post, upload, link to, or email any Content that contains, promotes, gives instruction about, or provides prohibited Content. Prohibited Content includes any Content that breaks any local, state, county, national or international law. Prohibited Content also includes:


  1. Content that infringes upon any rights (including, but not limited to, copyrights and trademarks)  
  2. Abusive, threatening, defamatory, racist, or obscene Content  
  3. Viruses or any other harmful computer software  
  4. False information or libel  
  5. Spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes  
  6. Gambling or Illicit drugs  
  7. Terrorism  
  8. Hacking or cheating for internet/online games  
  9. Warez, Roms, CD-Keys, Cracks, Passwords, or Serial Numbers  
  10. Pornography, nudity, or sexual material of any kind  
  11. Excessive profanity  
  12. Content that is invasive of privacy or impersonation of any person/entity  
  13. Hacking materials or information  
  14. Direct advertising of other clans, forums, or chats is only permitted in user signatures

Posting Rules

  1. Please refrain from using offensive language to try hurt anyone. This will be moderated, and repeat offences may result in a ban.
  2. Spam is unwelcome, and liable to be edited or deleted on sight.
  3. Please refrain from arguing on the forums (trolling, flaming, etc.). It is preferred that all arguments go via PM. Mind you that even though it is a 'private' message, your contents are still able to be exposed by the one you send them to, so please choose your words carefully.
  4. If you are unsure of where to post, please feel free to ask a Clan or Forum Admin, or if they aren't available, try find the most relevant section for your topic. Topics may be moved to a more appropriate board by an Admin.
  5. If you wish to report problems about a member of the clan, please try talk with the person directly first. Please don't try offend the other person in your posts, and PLEASE, do not ask for their derank. Such posts are likely to be deleted.
  6. Once you have been recommended by a star rank to apply for a rank, feel free to post an application in the relevant forum, preferably at least a week since you joined the chat. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, answer all questions in the applications, and answer them carefully and honestly, as they form part of our judgement when deciding on the outcome.
  7. Forum avatars larger than ~ 200x400 may break the page layout, so please keep that in mind. You may be asked to change your picture if it does this.

Chatbox Rules

  1. NO SPAMMING. This applies above all other rules and situations.
  2. Avoid trolling at all times. If asked to stop by a Moderator, avoid arguing with them, as it can and will worsen your position.
  3. If a Moderator kicks/bans you for no reason, please PM the Forum Admins with a screenshot.
  4. Excessive use of caps is discouraged. YOU DON'T NEED TO ALWAYS SHOUT LIKE THIS TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS.
  5. Please avoid using the chatbox for private conversation or discussing other ranks - Use the PM system or take it to in-game private chat as much as possible.
  6. We ask you not to embed large images in the Chatbox as they cause the Chatbox to break for some users.
  7. Please do not engage in the following types of Mod/Admin impersonation:- Threats to kick/ban,- /kick , /ban, and /mod commands,- Claiming you are a Moderator.
  8. All other forum regulations still apply. This means no racism etc...

Repeat infringers will have access to the Forums terminated.

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Forum Rules

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