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 Rank Hierachy

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PostSubject: Rank Hierachy   Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:09 am

Rank Hierarchy
As we all know in Gop Addict we have an established rank hierarchy. That is as follows,
General> Captain> Lieutenant> Sergeant> Corporal> Recruit> Smiley*.

What each rank is expected to do.

SMILEY : These are Ex-Ranks of Gop Addict, as well as allies/friends in a few special cases. These are mainly ex-generals/captains and should be treated with the same amount of respect as such. This is an honorable rank, meaning that generals/captains that leave the clan on bad terms will not be acquiring this rank. They are allowed to enforce rules, but are not obligated to help out.

THE STRIPE RANKS: These ranks are in the learning stage of the ranking process. They should look up to higher ranks for guidance on anything they are unsure of or need help with. Although they are new, they should know the rules and be able to enforce them accordingly. They have no kick-power, but may ask a higher rank to kick someone from the chat if they deem it necessary. Higher ranks would do well to remember that stripe ranks are the future of our clan and should not chastise them or belittle them because of their rank. Making mistakes is just another way to learn.

STAR RANKS: Here is where the hierarchy really comes into effect. As Star ranks possess the ability to kick members from the clan chat, they wield an enormous amount of control over the clan. When a higher rank is in clan chat his/her decision will and must override the lower. However in the event that this may somehow damage the clan, the lower rank can take charge and direct the course of action. Please understand that though this might be a game clan, it is something that can easily be jeopardized if a specific system is not in place. A neccessity for a star rank is forum registration. If a stripe ranked member is not part of the forums they may not be awarded a star rank.

GENERAL: This is the highest rank that can be given to an individual in Gop Addict . This means that they have a considerable amount of control over the clan and an important say in its working. Some of these ranks are even admins of GOP Addict which underlines the amount of trust given to these individuals. Their decision takes precedence in case a conflicting call has been given out. These individuals have a considerable amount of influence among the ranks and can make or break the clan if they desire. Due to this the number of Generals in GOP Addict is restricted. They are also expected to maintain a level headed attitude whilst in the chat and direct the clan in case of a particularly difficult situation. Please do not be quick to chastise a lower rank for a mistake from their part. Make sure you are completely aware of both sides of a problem before taking a decision. Unlike the lower ranks your attitude and outlook is considered by an outsider as the over-all image of GOP Addict. Please keep in mind that projecting a negative attitude can undermine the stability of the clan.

Quoted from Matthew J. Edited by Aryrs and Ache

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Rank Hierachy

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